Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Vintage and Cake's first blog!

I have discovered Shabby Blogs and how lovely it is! So I have decided to start a blog separate to my website as that is what all of the blogging type techie people say to do, so here I am. It has been a busy few weeks with Christmas markets and lots of orders. The Fabulous Places Christmas Market was great, its a bit harder for me though as I am selling a concept not just cakes, I really want people to be aware that this lovely tradition is out there, the afternoon tea party. You can sit back and relax and I will set up a beautiful tea party for you with my lovely vintage china, it is all stored in the Vintage and Cake room and ready to go, its not really that organised... its in my loft, all neat and tidy I might add, as if I have an actual Vintage and Cake room!!! I now have some bits for sale too, I have vintage cups and saucers for sale with tasty treats inside. The vintage I have ranges from Victorian to War time and its all lovely. Bye for now I am looking forward to doing more blogging on my new blog!


  1. Nice new blog Julie! I see that we both have a china obsession & I was born in Derbyshire - must be something in the water!


  2. Thanks Jayne, I will be having a nose at your blog too! x

  3. I agree with you Country Cottage. I love vintage.great post!cakes on line