Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Christmas cakes make lovely gifts

I am now really focused on Christmas, now that the vintage wedding fair is over! I cant wait for my next event which is at Kedleston Hall National Trust. It is such a beautiful place especially at this time of year.

I have completed all of my Christmas cake baking and have been maturing and feeding my cakes over the last few weeks, I am now ready to start decorating them which is the best bit as I can really get creative with lots of fab vintage ribbons and sugar designs. I will then be holding a stall on the 27th and 28th November at Kedleston Hall for people to buy, either as a treat for themselves or for a little gift this Christmas.

Come along, have a mooch at the lovely gifts then go for a walk across the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, it will be a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Vintage Tearoom

Well we went to London and held our little vintage tearoom... was it busy? well me and my lovely helpers did not even have time to eat or drink! You know those queues you see for Betty's Tearoom in Harrogate? well it was like that, which is brilliant for business but not so good for delicate vintage china. Some of it did get broken and I was very upset but these things happen I suppose, no point crying over beautiful, irreplaceable vintage china now is there!!:(

The vintage wedding fair was very busy so I hear but I didn't even get the chance to go and have a mooch around like I usually do as I was busy serving tea and cakes to the masses of people. I wish I had more time to chat to all the lovely brides to be but unfortunately I was too busy cutting slices of lemon drizzle and Victoria sponges!

The next Vintage wedding fair is in Lemington Spa on the 10th April, I will be posting more details on that one soon, this time I am just holding a stall so will have lots of time to chat to all the vintage brides to be.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Vintage wedding fair in London!

Hello all.

I am so looking forward to the vintage wedding fair in London next Sunday 14th November. I hope you will join me there as we will be holding a lovely vintage tearooms for people to come along, sip tea and eat cake! Let me tell you I have a lot of cake to make next week and many many cupcakes too! You will have a choice of Victoria sponges, lemon drizzles and coffee and walnut cakes. Also there will be chocolate, lemon and vanilla cupcakes with cute designs available too.

I am very excited as I love the vibe of the vintage wedding fair founded and run by Discover Vintage, I always come away feeling extremely inspired, I actually nearly bought a 1940's wedding dress last time I was there, purely because it was so beautiful (I am not even getting married!!!)

So please come along and join in the vintage loveliness, also do pop upstairs and drink some tea with us, we would love to see you!