Thursday, 17 October 2013

Nude Flower Wedding Cake

Hello all, sorry I have been so quite on the blog front, there is so much going on at the moment...we are moving house in two weeks and I have my final wedding cake order tomorrow (Friday 18th October)  So after that everything will change and it will be a whole other chapter in our lives.

Anyway I wanted to share with you a lovely cake I made recently for such a gorgeous bride.  I just loved her colour scheme.  A beautiful understated nude, it was just so pretty and I loved making the cakes and decorations.  

She went for 50 mini cupcakes and a lovely 6 inch vanilla sponge top tier.  The bride to be came to collect the cakes as she was setting them up the next day so I had the chance to pretty up the box with lace and lavender which I just love doing.


Monday, 5 August 2013

A Watermelon Affair

Hi all,

I thought I would share my latest cake with you.  The very sweet bride to be came for a consultation with her sister and they were VERY precise about what they wanted; four individual wedding cakes, all with designs in a watermelon colour....right then best crack on!!!  

The largest tier was a vanilla sponge cake in a hexagon shape which was a first for me but it was so satisfying to ice, very clean edges.  This was then iced in ivory sugarpaste and piped with watermelon royal icing...took an age!  

The next tier was a 10 inch round rich fruit cake iced with marzipan and ivory icing, it was supposed to have an actual watermelon ribbon around the bottom but could I find one that matched in the UK...nope!  so I made a pretty one from florist paste instead and I think it completes the look nicely.  

Next was an 8 inch vanilla sponge cake with strips of ruffles...

...and finally a 6 inch rich fruit cake with the same design as the largest hexagon cake...phew!  

It was hard work as it was just so hot but its all done now and I was happy with the result.

Next up this week are my specialities...x3 tiered Victoria sponge wedding cakes...

...some pretty vintage cupcakes...

 ...and a batch of melt in the mouth buttermilk scones, I can't wait to get started.  Oh and just because its starting to become a little tradition, here is my little pudding, Henry, he came along to set the cakes up with us and was so good.  Love him :)

Thanks for reading.

Vintage and Cake


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Rather large news for Vintage and Cake...


Well where do I even begin with this post?

I have written and deleted so many ways of telling you our news so I have decided I will just come out with it...


This is our new driveway :)

We are becoming smallholders on a farm in Newcastle Emlyn on the Pembrokeshire coast (don't worry no one has ever heard of it, its near ish to Tenby) and Vintage and Cake will be having a new lease of life with a purpose built studio offering lots of fab workshops, vintage style cakes and simply beautiful afternoon tea packages.

We will be back with lots of new classes

Come and get creative with us

Afternoon tea packages will be available for you lucky people of Wales

We are moving for a variety of reasons...Henry will get to grow up in the lovely rambling countryside like I was lucky enough to, we get to have a go at being smallholders, we can own some sheep and lambs... However the main reason is so we can be closer to my lovely mum and dad who have lived on the farm for 14 years and made it so beautiful.  We will be moving literally across the courtyard into a little cottage, that, lets say 'needs some work'.

The cottage has a long way to go before it becomes our dream home...

We will be living closer to these lovely parents.

It will take us a little while to get it all set up though, so while we get settled into our new home (we need to renovate it first... gulp) enjoy beach life and just generally get set up Vintage and Cake will be taking a little nap.

Our local beach 'Mwnt' you can often spot dolphins from here...amazing

Newport beach, I wonder if I will take up kite surfing...mmm perhaps not

We will be back with lots of beautiful workshops for you, plus we will still be hiring our vintage china and creating vintage style wedding cakes, so just watch this space.

I am not going anywhere though so until VandC is ready I will be posting our little journey here; the cottage renovations, the sheep, the smallholding and much more so I hope you will still be here to keep me company.

...and just because he is is Henry again for you :)

Lots of love

Vintage and Cake


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Afternoon Tea Wedding Cake Table.. Cake, Cake And More Cake!

Whilst I was pregnant with my baby boy Henry, a rather lovely, decisive and generous bride contacted me and asked me to bake for their wedding, not just one cake but ten!  yippee!  

The bride ordered all of my delicious afternoon tea cakes; coffee and walnuts, lemon drizzles, carrot cakes, Victoria sponges and chocolate cakes and a little surprise fruit cake for her husband which was so kind of her.  The surprise was the Derby County cake and apparently he loved it!

I was so excited setting this one up as it just looked lovely, Lindsay had set out some cake bunting ready to be placed on top of the 2 tier Victoria sponge and some beautiful fresh flowers, the finished look was perfect.

The theme was a vintage style carnival, with so much colour and fun, such as welly boots filled with beautiful flowers...


...gorgeous sweet treats for their guests.

I also loved the newspaper bunting with the ever fabulous words 'its time to drink champagne and dance on the tables' yes to that!

This wedding was my official back from maternity leave cake set up and I loved every minute of it, Henry came along too and wooed all the staff with this rather excellent raspberry blowing skills.

(Henry wore a shirt for the occasion)

Congratulations Lindsay and Ross, your wedding looked beautiful, a real treat for your guests.  I wish you all the happiness in the world.


Vintage and Cake


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Buttercream Christening Cake and Cake Bunting

Hello lovely people who read my blog...

I was asked to make a Christening cake for my friend's beautiful baby boy, Charlie James and I was utterly honoured.  Charlie's mum Helen and I were in hospital together as we gave birth to our baby boys on the same weekend, we bonded over tears at the crack of dawn and have been firm friends ever since, meeting at least once a week with our boys.  Henry and Charlie will grow up together and be friends, at the moment they love to sit side by side and punch each other in the head, grab eachothers ears and noses, but we hope one day they will see eye to eye and be the best of friends!!

The cake

This cake was a joy to make as I adore my rustic vintage style cakes.  It was a 3 tier vanilla sponge cake, each tier had 3 layers of jam and buttercream and speaking of the buttercream a second if I may...did you know that we make our own vanilla extract?  well, we do!  my husband took me away to Paris for a little pregnancy treat last June and we stumbled across the most beautiful shop that sold divine sweets, dried roses, violets and so much more but we were mainly interested in the vanilla pods.  We took the vanilla pods home and filled the jar with rum, as you do, then we waited and slowly this intoxicating liquid turned into the most deliciously sweet smelling vanilla extract which we now use in all our vanilla buttercream and goodness me it is tasty!

The cake bunting

This was handmade by yours truly; very simple yet gorgeous when sat upon a cake, I am literally in love with cake bunting at the moment and want to make it all the time, I must stop myself and get another sewing/fabric project on the go.

So, there you have it, a beautiful cake made for a very beautiful boy who is now Baptised, the service was lovely and the tea party afterwards was delicious and of course there was plenty of cake to go around,  here are the Woods family enjoying the day,a little tired but happy!


Vintage and Cake

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Packing up vintage china

Hello all!

Just thought I would share with you on this gorgeous sunny morning some vintage china photos.  I am packing up some beautiful pieces today in my little vintage work room for a wedding at one of my favourite venues; Beechen Hill Farm in Ilam, Derbyshire.  This is such a stunning wedding venue and the family who run it are brilliant; they really work hard to make your day special.

I will be heading there on Saturday to drop off my vintage china and hopefully will be able to say hello to Sue and introduce her to my baby boy Henry, as last time I saw her I was very pregnant!

Have a lovely day

Vintage and Cake


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Buttercream Wedding Cakes

I created this delightful buttercream rustic wedding cake for a consultation and I thought I would share it with you as its just so pretty.  I love this style of simple loveliness,  I mean how can you go wrong with a combination of buttercream, pearls, raffia... raffia on a cake... brilliant! and lavender.  Sorry, I am really not singing my own praises, this was one of my brides ideas!

I think buttercream style wedding cakes are going to be quite popular this year and I hope they are as I just want to make them and look at them.

I hope you enjoy a little peek at this cake and please do leave me a comment if you fancy.

Vintage and Cake