Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Buttercream Christening Cake and Cake Bunting

Hello lovely people who read my blog...

I was asked to make a Christening cake for my friend's beautiful baby boy, Charlie James and I was utterly honoured.  Charlie's mum Helen and I were in hospital together as we gave birth to our baby boys on the same weekend, we bonded over tears at the crack of dawn and have been firm friends ever since, meeting at least once a week with our boys.  Henry and Charlie will grow up together and be friends, at the moment they love to sit side by side and punch each other in the head, grab eachothers ears and noses, but we hope one day they will see eye to eye and be the best of friends!!

The cake

This cake was a joy to make as I adore my rustic vintage style cakes.  It was a 3 tier vanilla sponge cake, each tier had 3 layers of jam and buttercream and speaking of the buttercream a second if I may...did you know that we make our own vanilla extract?  well, we do!  my husband took me away to Paris for a little pregnancy treat last June and we stumbled across the most beautiful shop that sold divine sweets, dried roses, violets and so much more but we were mainly interested in the vanilla pods.  We took the vanilla pods home and filled the jar with rum, as you do, then we waited and slowly this intoxicating liquid turned into the most deliciously sweet smelling vanilla extract which we now use in all our vanilla buttercream and goodness me it is tasty!

The cake bunting

This was handmade by yours truly; very simple yet gorgeous when sat upon a cake, I am literally in love with cake bunting at the moment and want to make it all the time, I must stop myself and get another sewing/fabric project on the go.

So, there you have it, a beautiful cake made for a very beautiful boy who is now Baptised, the service was lovely and the tea party afterwards was delicious and of course there was plenty of cake to go around,  here are the Woods family enjoying the day,a little tired but happy!


Vintage and Cake


  1. Oh Julie this made me cry! Such beautiful words. It was an amazing cake which tasted divine. I even had a sneaky bit for my breakfast this morning. It was an honour having the Woods family there especially Charlie's best friend Henry. If anyone is thinking of having a christening cake made look no further! Helen x

  2. I like the bunting idea and give a proper festival feeling to it. I;'m sure its goes down a treat in Egnalnd