Friday, 29 July 2011

Vintage China At Weddings

I was working late last night setting up lots and lots of my vintage china at a wedding at Rosliston Forestry Centre. It all looked so lovely once it was set up, unfortunately we didnt get to see the full set up so we had to take photos of empty cake stands but later on today they will be filled to the brim with cakes and other goodies.

The bride and groom are having an afternoon tea for their wedding breakfast and then an evening meal later on, this is a great thing to do for your wedding as it really treats your guests and is very simple to do, especially if you get me to style your tables! :)

Vintage china hire is still going strong and is a beautiful addition to your wedding decor and general feel of the day. I personally love it!

Thanks to Vicky and Alex for hiring us for their beautiful wedding we hope you have a wonderful day!

Vintage and Cake



  1. Oooww what a lovely tea pot!!!

  2. Hi, Julie,

    Thank you for stopping by my recent giveaway post and leaving such a lovely comment. I wish I could give gifts to everyone who commented.

    I totally love vintage china. I don't think one can ever have enough!! However, storage space (or lack thereof) keeps me from accumulating more lovely china. And since we're hoping to be moving within the next few months, my husband is definitely glad we don't have even more china that we would have to gently pack.

    Again, thank you for stopping by...and for reading my blog.

    Blessings to you,