Monday, 25 July 2011

5 Tier Wedding Cake

I delivered a huge wedding cake this Saturday and it was a lovely one!

The actual design was based on the bride's business which she runs with her brother, called Pocket Typewriter, they design adorable stationary and are a very talented duo. The cake was designed around their 'Lets Eat Cake' wedding stationary collection... beoooootiful!

The flavours were rich fruit cake on the bottom, vanilla, double chocolate, lemon drizzle and banana and walnut on top. Resulting in a very heavy cake indeed, you should have seen me driving to the venue with it... VERY slowly, people must have thought they were following an old age pensioner!

When I got to the venue I was overwhelmed at how absolutely stunning they had made it, I thought I would share some photos with you so you can see it too. The couple had paid such attention to detail in every little nook and cranny of their venue even the toilets were decorated beautifully with heart wreaths, flowers and their own personalised soaps and hand creams with severe warnings that using them might cause outbreaks of dancing, brilliant!

Lovely isn't it!

Leckie and John you are both fabulous and we wish you a very long and happy life together, you creative pair you!

Vintage and Cake x

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