Monday, 14 June 2010

Afternoon Tea Dance

Well, who would have thought in the 16th Century, when the Portuguese and Dutch traders brought the first tea from China into Europe, Britain would adopt the drink as its national beverage?

Who could have anticipated the changes this drink would make to our society?

At the beginning of the 20th Century, Tea Dances became popular for the 'Young Set' The eligible ladies and gentleman of the wealthy and aristocratic families used to entertain their friends by dancing in each others homes.

A new sensational dance arrived in London in 1910. The Argentine Tango soon became all the rage. The Waldorf Hotel began offering Latin dance classes, soon Tea Dances were being held on a daily or weekly basis at the Waldorf, Savoy and other London hotels. Gradually the tea dances went nationwide as popularity increased. The fashionable set continued to patronise the Tea Dances until 1920...

...and now in 2010 the Tea Dance is back! on the 17th July the Donington Manor hotel will be holding a truly vintage afternoon tea dance, with vintage crockery, tea and many many cakes! Please do come along and celebrate this wonderful tradition, there will be a dance workshop so you can learn the moves and dance the afternoon away.

Tickets are only £12.95 per person, to book your ticket please email or call 01332 810253.


  1. Shame I live so far away, I love vintage and I adore cake! Found your blog via Twitter, it's lovely - am now following too.My blog is called Vintage Inspired Lovelies so you may want to pop over for a visit, hope to see you. Cheers, Marie x

  2. Oh it sounds lovely wish I didn't live so far away either!

  3. I wish you could both come! x

  4. I'll be there. Can't wait! x

  5. ooh I wish I knew who you were! glad you are coming, have you got your ticket?

  6. Sorry I wasn't logged in when I left my previous message. I saw mention of the event on Twitter and think it sounds wonderful so dragging the boyf along. Haven't got my tickets yet but will do soon. x