Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Busy doing nothing...


Still in Wales, I hope to be home to Derby next week, my dad had to go out this morning to the hospital and the car is now stuck at the end of the long drive, oh well at least he made his appointment ok!

So January is shaping up to be a good month, I am going to be positive as I have realised there is simply no point in being negative, simple as that! I have confirmed a few weddings already; all of the consultations I had in November/December have confirmed, so yey! I also have an afternoon tea party for a hen party on the 31st January and a baby shower afternoon tea too, so a very good start to 2010 for the business.

I decided to make some vintage inspired wedding place cards with the help of my wonderful mum, they are pictured for you to have a nose at. I am going to use them for the vintage wedding fair on the 14th February, so bride and grooms to be can get the chance to see how they can set out their vintage afternoon tea weddings! I say I made them, my mum did really, I had the idea, sourced the fabric and she made them with her ace and VERY old Singer sewing machine that was my grans! I am also knitting a scarf, I have never really knitted... but well I do now!

I am looking forward to getting back and staying positive and inspired!



  1. Hi Julie, glad you're staying positive and 'giving time' to your creative flow!!

    My friend (one with the china for you) got herself stranded in the snow at the Isle of Mull (Inner Hebrides)!!
    Though being stranded in Wales can be fairly isolated too ;)

    At least you're getting lots of time with your family, which is a bonus.
    Hope your little chuckies are being cared for, and not missing Mother Hen too much.

    Take care, keep warm, and hope you get home safely (soon)

  2. Stick in there. It sounds like things are beginning to pick up for you. Take care - Jules x