Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Christmas cakes - exploding crackers, glitter and pink

This week and last week I have been finishing off all of my Christmas cakes for delivery next week and the week after, as Christmas is round the corner, yey! I love Christmas, its just so lovely although I do tend to peak at around this time and then dont feel excited at all on the actual day!!! The cracker cake is one that I have been working on within my sugarcraft course that I do every week, it took a while and is very elaborate, not my usual style but it certainly tested my sugarcraft skills, it was so detailed. The rest of the cakes are for orders and will be delivered next week.

I am spending my 1st Christmas away from home this year so that will be weird, I am going to my boyfriends mums and we will be surrounded by all his nieces and little brother so it will be ace being with kids on Christmas eve and Christmas morning!!

Back to the Christmas cakes... they are all made from fresh ingredients and local where possible, the eggs being very local (our back garden) the flour is from Caudwell Mill and Heage Mill in Derbyshire. I make the cakes 3 months in advance so they have plenty of time to mature and be fed with lots and lots of brandy.

I love making and decorating Christmas cakes its my favourite thing to do, as the smell is amazing, I dont really eat much cake but I will definitely be eating lots of Christmas cake this year. I'm also very excited about the eggnog cocktails that my boyfriend makes!

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