Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Vintage Lovliness For Your Wedding

I thought I would share a few vintage ideas for your vintage weddings! I will let the photographs do the talking!

Write your order of the day onto a blackboard

Use lovely vintage china for your tables

Decorate your venue with reams and reams of bunting

Create a typewriter table for your guests to type you messages and leave you cards

Use buff labels for your name place cards and customise with vintage style stamps, string and personal messages

Use antique bottles and jars to fill with flowers

Make your own confetti cones from brown paper, fill them with rose petals and place them into a wicker basket

Make some signs from reclaimed wood and paint with blackboard paint to create a rustic look

A lovely guest table plan, made with wood and painted with a vintage pastel green, then painted with blackboard paint. Use buff labels to write your guests names

Use vintage suitcases for your guests to place their cards in

Pile up lovely old books to create a rustic vintage feel

Fill antique bottles of different shapes and sizes with beautiful wild flowers and herbs, your tables will smell gorgeous

Use jam jars, fill with flowers and hang on the backs of your ceremony chairs

Delightful Living vintage hand painted signs are a must


  1. Some great ideas here - had me itching to film the weddings and show off the features creatively LOL!!

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    your blog its very nice, really!

  3. Just found your blog and i love it! Can't go wrong with your theme at all! Love love love!

    Feel free to follow me as well!