Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas cupcakes and edible glitter

I LOVE edible glitter as I am sure many cake makers and decorators do!

I recently made some lovely little Christmas cupcakes for Vintage Amethyst who won my blog post competition quite some time ago which entitled her to four tasty cupcakes. I hope they arrived safely! They are each topped with gorgeous edible glitter in sparkly peacock and deep purple, you can get so many different colours. Check out this website for an amazing array of colours and other delightful sprinkles.

Edible glitter certainly adds a bit of glamour to whatever you are baking. Why not sprinkle some onto your mince pies, Christmas cake or some gingerbread cookies. Your guests will be so impressed.


  1. everything you do is beautiful and covetable<3

  2. what a lovely thing to say thank you x

  3. wooow, so beautiful & delicious looking, wish I could do that! :))

  4. I keep meaning to buy edible glitters - I know they would impress!