Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Original vintage weddings...

I have just completed another fantastic vintage wedding, the Bride and Groom were so creative and had some wonderful original ideas!

My job was to provide the afternoon tea for guests, so that I did. All guests were treated to 7 of my home made cakes; Victoria sponge, Coffee and Walnut, Lemon Drizzle and Chocolate and Cherry. The bride and groom had a Victoria sponge for their wedding cake, which I thought was fab.

My favourite part of this wedding set up was the little bride and groom area, with the cool deck chairs and vintage place settings, such a great idea, something I may well pinch if I ever get married!!

The venue was the really beautiful Beechen Hill Farm, Sue is a Twitter friend of mine so it was great to finally meet her in the flesh. They have a lovely farm and its a perfect place to get married, I would highly recommend it to anyone, as the personal service you receive is amazing.

So there you have it another vintage wedding done. I will be looking forward to meeting new brides and grooms at the vintage wedding fair this Sunday.


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