Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Vintage and Cake

Hello, I felt inspired last night by all things vintage, flowers and cake, no surprise there then! So my lovely boyfriend took some photos of one of my vintage teapots filled with Peonies, I felt inspired by Kerry at The Blossom Tree as she arranged some gorgeous flowers for me to display at the summer fete by Fabulous Places. I obviously cant arrange them as well as Kerry but they do look lovely in this teapot, which is purely for flower decoration now.

I bought the bird from a fantastic company called Kitty and Dude, they make such beautiful vintage inspired pieces, my friend and I came across them at an arts and crafts fair in Nottingham last year. I was completely inspired by what they do, I also bought the Keep Calm and Eat Cake vintage plate too, love it!

On the feeling inspired note I am very excited to start making Elderflower champagne this year, we are just waiting for our kit to arrive and the flowers to bloom and then we are off! I will be serving it in pretty teacups at Vintage and Cake's Birthday party in June.


  1. LOVE that plate, how clever of you to find a vintage version! Beautiful x

  2. I fell in love with it instantly! xx

  3. Gorgeous images, I love the flowers in tea pots/tea cups idea.

  4. Beautifulllll!!!!
    Dear... I'm Cecilia and I live in Tuscany (Italy). Compliments for your cakes and blog. Bye; Cecilia

  5. How are you? Everytime I read your blog I just want to eat a stack of cupcakes !!! I do love your photos just sooo pretty. Hope you had a fab weekend xxx

  6. Hiya,

    Thanks for your lovely comments xx