Friday, 26 March 2010

Our allotment - home grown fruit and veg

In 2009 myself and my boyfriend bought our first allotment. The idea behind it is, not only do we want all our veg to be home grown and organic we would like all our fruit to be as well, we plan to use all of our fresh fruit in my cakes. I am so excited to be able to say that all the fruit and jam I use, I have actually grown myself!

Believe me we are no experts and it is very hard to manage when you are busy like we are, but we just get down there whenever we have the chance and its so lovely watching things grow; I have to be honest I am very impatient and want to see things growing immediately but what can you do! So far we have strawberries and raspberries, we did see some crop last year but not much, so this year we will have LOADS! We also have the pick of the blackberries, damsons, plums and apples on the nearby bushes and trees, happy days!

It is funny having an allotment as you have to follow certain rules and I have noticed there is definitely a bit of shed envy going on amongst the men.. men and their sheds! Personally I just like to go there and relax as things at home get quite hectic as I work there, so it is blissful to get away and get a bit of good old fashioned hoeing done!

This year we have planted lots of veg and we hope to see some English roses too, which will be lovely with vintage vases in the centre of an afternoon tea party.

I will be writing regular blog posts detailing the progress of the Vintage and Cake allotment so watch this space for fresh strawberries, raspberries, roses and veg galore!


  1. I Look forward to reading the blog. I love my allotment it is my 'escape' and peaceful time. There's always somebody to talk to and to give you advice if you want it but you can also enjoy the quiet and peace. The bee hives make it extra special for me. I grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and lavender on mine

  2. That sounds absolutely lovely, I am growing some lavender too and some other herbs, basically as much as we possibly can so we dont have to go to the supermarket! Thank you for sharing about your allotment, perhaps we should have exchanges come the summer! x

  3. It would be lovely to have 'allotment' swaps. I like to see how other allotments are set up. They are all different. I am slowly using up the last of the leeks and Jerusalem artichokes ready for digging and starting again.

  4. I love the peace and quiet on my allotment, away from the computer. There is something so soothing about being there especially in London. I am just digging the last of my leeks and looking forward to more spring weather to get on with planting. I planted strawberries for the first time last year so I am really looking forward to those.

  5. Thank you for your comment, I would love to see pics of your allotment, that is what I love about going to min, the peace! Good luck with the comp! if you win I will give the prize to you personally when I see you in London at the vintage wedding fair! x